A Fair Result

Very entertaining game today between 2 good footballing teams qos scored early on but girl’s came back into it and equalised through a well taken penalty by sophie the last 15 min of first half we switched off and qos punished us finishing strong and scoring 4 goals,  half time we asked girl’s to be more physical to match qos and play the way we play in training and win the second half the girl’s stepped up and played the way they can scoring 3 goals 2 from leah and 1 for caitlin and unlucky not to take anything away from game finishing 4-5 .
Proud of everyone effort and performance today with numbers limited, alot of positives to take from today and all should be happy withself after a great performance.Thank you to qos for travelling up and giving us and entertaining game we look forward to return fixtures. 
Girl’s really proud of you all teams in this league are all good and we need to bring our a game today you did and maybe feel hard done by not to get a result but against a very good strong physical qos can hold your head up high .