Kilwinning Community Sports Club have been successful in applying to the The Scottish Governments Climate Challenge Fund to run a twelve month project entitled Big Steps - Smaller Footprints. 


We are now actively recruiting staff to fill the roles of Project Manager, Senior Education Officer, Education Officer and Kit/Boot Room Officer.


If you believe you have the relevant skills, competencies, and experience to excel in any of these roles and would like the opportunity to contribute to Keeping Scotland Beautiful then please submit your application for consideration. Applications should be sent to no later than Wednesday 30th March 2016. Please state the Job Title in the subject field of your application email. 

Interviews will commence shortly thereafter; if you have not been asked for interview by Thursday 31st March 2016, please assume that your application will not be taken any further.

Big Steps – Smaller Footprints

Kilwinning Sports Club’s “Big Steps – Smaller Footprints" is an exciting project that will work with the Kilwinning Sports Clubs member teams, the local community, players, parents and also educate/raise awareness to 39 primary schools in North Ayrshire by promoting sustainable practices, lower carbon choices and reducing carbon emissions by an estimated 55.27 tonnes. 

The project will involve:
• Bulk washing/drying of kit from member clubs and surrounding sports teams.
• Kit, boots and clothing recycling saving the unused items being sent to landfill.
• Deliver a fun filled exciting climate challenge advice/education to 39 North Ayrshire primary schools linked with fun football/multi sport sessions 
• Efficient driver training and car sharing advice for parents/players.

Kit Recycling
A sports kit and boot recycling scheme to encourage the reuse and recycling of items of kit. We recognise that children who participate in football and other sports grow out of kit and footwear before these items wear out. Our proposed scheme would divert this useful sportswear from landfill; as a result, this will enable new & existing teams to access recycled sets of strips and enable youngsters from less affluent families to access much needed sports kit. We would expect to reduce carbon emission by approx. 6.21 tonnes.

Kit Wash
A bulk laundry scheme using energy efficient industrial machines to wash strips and use an eco-friendly air-drying pulley system to dry them thus reducing carbon emissions. We will gather any unused sports strips, clothing & equipment from local football teams/community. These industrial washing machines will be able to wash larger loads than the domestic machines which are currently used and the system of air-drying via pulleys will cut out the need for tumble drying, resulting in a reduction in energy use. We would expect to reduce carbon emission by approx 2.160 tonnes.

Fuel Efficient Driving
Promoting behaviour change with regard to travel habits by encouraging members of the football community to think about car sharing when travelling to training/matches and learning how to drive in a more fuel efficient way. We will offer fuel efficient driving lessons to educate drivers as to how they can reduce the amount of fuel they use thereby reducing carbon emissions. We would expect to reduce carbon emission by approx. 46.9 tonnes.

School Project
Going into 39 North Ayrshire primary schools and educating the next generation on sustainable practices and lower carbon choices. We will engage with over 5,000 children in North Ayrshire with classes 5/6&7 benefitting form fun filled sessions (including education booklet), the primary classes 1-4 will complete the custom booklet on climate change issues. All children engaged will be actively signposted to Kilwinning Sports Club to take part in the wide variety of activities promoting a healthy and active life style.